Tuesday, August 25, 2015


I was drifting around. 
Perhaps looking for something that will never be found.
Clearly lost. 
I was standing in an alley of mirrors and smoke.
A mindful of words. 
But there was nothing I could say.
I tried to call out. 
Except when I opened my mouth to speak not a single word was spoke.
I tried to scream. 
But the words caught in my throat. 
The more I tried to talk the more I started to choked.
My lips moved silently as my hands flailed violently. 
Emotions quietly weeping from my eyes.
I am a mime whose happily painted face expresses sadness. 
A mime madly motioning about my madness.

I am a doll. 
A marionette on strings. 
Seemingly dancing as I swing. .