Friday, June 5, 2015


I had came to the end of the road.

A place where the land met the sea.

I looked left. I looked right.

Although there was no where left to go, I didn't let that stop me.

The picture of you in my mind

Full of those feelings I try to hide.

All those words surging up inside

I leapt upon the divide and pushed myself off cliff-side

I was prepared for the flight

I pulled my arms and legs in tight

Rolling over twice, before I opened into a graceful dive.

I had thought I would die, but in truth, I never felt so alive.

Flying through the air. 

Eyes wide open, yet blissfully unaware.

No resistance holding me back, only gravity taking me down.

I felt so high. I felt so free. 

Hands parting the glassy sea

The cold waters touch crashing me to reality

I couldn’t fight it anymore

I was sinking to the depths of the ocean floor.

Images of you burning the lids of my eyes

A wolf in sheep’s disguise

All your words, all your lies

Your love lifted me up

But now it will be my demise.