Friday, January 31, 2014

Time is a Precious Gift

Time is a Precious Gift

Life is a succession of now’s appearing within the mind to be seamlessly intertwined to create a dimension of reality we call time. In reality we are indefinitely confined to the present moment in time. 

There can be no fast-forward and there will be no rewind. Now is the only malleable moment in time. 

Truly, the past and future can only be seen within the observers mind. Yesterday is forever gone and tomorrow is always looming near, but the only place in space-time we physically exist is here.

Unless extraordinary, any given moment will in the next moment certainly be forever lost to your past -for even in memory an ordinary minute in time will never last. Just as soon as this moment has come it too will soon pass.

Long before you are ready, well before you are prepared a grain of sand will fall all the way through to the bottom of the glass. The next “now” moment will begin, but know it will never last.

Time is passing imperceptibly right before our very eyes. We are often deceived by our own minds lies. Spending most of lives foolishly believing that there is way more time to give than we actually have to spare.

Do not be disillusioned. Time may appear to be infinite while we are young, but I assure you, the amount we are all given is truly finite in sum.

If we only knew how much time we really had, well then choices would be so easily had. There would be little question as to how much time we have to share, who to spend it with, what to do and where.

But time is uncertain and misleading at best. Time can go incredibly fast or remarkably slow, but just how much one has we can never know.

Drifting forward, ticking on and on, hour by hour, day after day, time is just ticking our minutes away. From the moment we are born until our very end, the arrow of time endlessly and uncontrollably ascends -peaking in speed just before it abruptly ends.

Time is the most valuable gift indeed, share it wisely, but do not waste it blindly- for time is just way more precious than you could ever know.

Kay T. Jewels