Friday, January 31, 2014

Seeking the Girl from Inside Yourself

My heart bleeds, my tears flowed, and the pain dam burst.. flowing from me, it all spilled out into the vastness of the world around me..As it all seeped out, I thought the world would drown in my blood and tears...crumpled in a naked heap, a bundle of madness, a mess of sadness, I just let it all go.... 

As it left me, the pain ebbed a little, and I started to drift into a peaceful lucid dream.. where I saw the girl. She was running on the beach, an ocean of my tears, her footprints washed away with each lap of the rolling tide... I ran to catch up to her, "Hey Wait Up! I have been looking for you!.." 

She acted as though she couldn't hear me and kept running down the beach.. and I ran faster and faster, screaming louder and louder, but seemingly never made any headway... 

"Hello, Girl from Inside Yourself, Please Help Me!" and she stopped, turned and called back to me... "Well, Hello again, we have been waiting for you..walk with me..

Seemingly, only two steps later we were walking silently side by side.. which was so strange because I felt like I had run ten miles just a minute or so ago and not gotten anywhere close to her.. "Girl, I'm so confused this all seems so bizarre and unreal, why am I walking naked through the world?"

There was a long pause before she spoke and the gentle lapping of the ocean filled the silence.. "Because to find the Girl Inside Yourself you must bear yourself to the world.. As frightening as it is, it is within the reflection of your Journey you will find her and not a moment before the journey is done. We must keep going, keep seeking and searching this whole world through to find the girl called you.." 

Just then, she walked onto the water and beckoned me to follow.. As if I was weightless and the water was ice, I followed her blindly across the foggy ocean surface, never sinking or splashing, never did the waters surface even ripple as we walked together...quietly seeking.. The Girl from Inside Yourself..