Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Price of War

When the sound of the clashing arms died down, and the doubles of the Queen withdrew from battle, the silence on the battle field was as deafening as the sounds of war that raged here just days before. 

The queen is watching from her tower

"My lord, I never meant for all this to happen, I was just seeking peace.."

"Since when has war brought peace, Milady?"

Turning my back to him,

 "Since when, has peace ever come before war? I built this castle with my own hands, brick by brick, I built that wall that protects our people, I have tended to every wounded soldier that has stumbled across those gates, and slain every dragon that dare breathe fiery breath upon us..I waited for you... I waited in my castle, I sought refuge from the war, I wanted naught to do with all of this, all in the name of peace, but war still fell upon my door. The beast came knocking, calling my name, what you have me do, let them take what is mine, kill our people, let them take my life?" 

"Milady, I told you to stay in the tower, not slay an entire village of townsmen, I told you, to leave the war to people. It is not your battle, war is no place for a lady, I have given you an army to fight wars for you and yet you leave the safety that which is here." 

"Well, My Lord, the war has carried on for years and years, my army was growing tired and thin in numbers, besides, war is over now." 

Relaxing as his arms embrace me,

"Milady, they will rebuild and come back, they will pound the doors down, they will keep coming until you surrender… You must surrender to stop the war, you cannot just keep slaughtering the innocent men who have been sent by the King to fetch you" 

"My Lord, you joke with me, you know this will never happen. I will slay the entire nation of men before I ride to my own death in the hands of one man" 

"Then what are you fighting to save, if not the free people...who are you serving then? If you want the war to stop, if you want to have peace, you have to leave the tower, you must surrender" 

"Not a chance, My Lord, I'll die here in the tower or on the battle field, I will have it no other way."

"Milady, this is my last word before I take my leave, How do you even know the King means to kill you? He may have plans that are to your liking, he may mean to offer you some great honor, you have no idea...but stay in the tower if that is what you wish."

That war began a long time ago and the Queen of Arms took cover within her keep. Of course, at the very top of a seemingly never ever ending staircase, beyond the un-breachable doors of her brick wall, she is hiding in the tallest tower of them all..

She stands, peeking out her window, where she can see, over the oceans and past the vast sea, far beyond the driest deserts, well past the maze of deceit, and over her towering wall..

She is parched with thirst, her lips are dry, heart beating fast, deep breaths with long shallow exhales..

Residing below the surface, burning deep inside, there is a feeling that she tries to hide.. an itch, she is dying to scratch, a craving, longing, a never-ending yearning...and it leaves her hurting, passionately needing...

She is dying to surrender, to set asunder caution and abandon all's eating her from the inside out, breaking her down, consuming her mind, one thought at a time.. it leaves her wanting... 

For a long time she has been in the tower, silent...with an army of doubles defending her keep...

but, by now she is wanting and needing a release...just a brief escape from the constant drone of war that goes on just beyond her door... even the Queen of Arms needs a respite sometime.. 

Suddenly the queen spoke... "A long time ago, I ran into my castle, shut my door, and let the war rage on beyond my door." 

"My heart pounding, back against the door, crouched on the floor, I began to ponder the significance of war." 

"I have been fighting in a war, one in which I do not believe in. One in which, I feel the world is against me and I am alone, one that makes you look upon on your own with suspicions of treason. The clash of metal, the bang of my blade against the shield of the demons who sought to steal my soul; the noise was as deafening as the silence that has befallen upon me." 

"Looking at the blood on my blade, seeing the faces of those who have fallen before it, feeling numb, that was when it hit me, and I start to laugh and half hysterically I cried out" 

"Funny thing about being at war.. When you are on the sidelines watching, you worry and are filled with dread and fear. However, when you are actually in the battle field, swinging your blade through your enemies heart, fighting the war, you rarely think the outcome will be anything but that victory you desire. It’s after, when you are alone, in a deathly silence, that the spirits of dead fill your head that really start to lose your mind."