Monday, June 17, 2013

The Transformation

I looked down and saw my magic looking glass. I picked it up. I looked deep into my own eyes then said “Mirror, Mirror in my hand, show me now what is your wonderful plan.”
Her beautiful face now reflected back as my own, I was no longer a child now I was all grown.
“K once a child on the inside of a looking glass now you’re free to make your own path. Forget the past as it over, move on from the dreams that do not last. This is the life you were meant to live. I’m here in your magic mirror, should you need my guidance all you must do is ask. All things can be known to you but, your own past. In this life you must trust your heart to follow the path where ever it may take you. Trust in my words to give you guidance and always lead you. I promise you this; I will never ever leave you.”

“These are the things you must know about your person.  I have named the Kay, as it is K that has been hidden from everyone all along. K is the girl who sung a sad song and Kay is the woman you have grown to become. It is true that you are no longer just one, you are three in addition to the person you now call me. Titanium is our middle name to represent the strength of Krissy within us, she is strongest shield ever given to that which is still living. Krissy feels no pain she is the one who will work towards all you hope to gain. “Jewels” is the last name I have chosen for you. It is to represent Kristen, as she carries your “Jewels” whatever you may find them to be. She shall not let anyone touch thy treasured chest; she will protect you until long after death. ”
“Do not forget with your new found power and beauty, the road here was long and fraught with danger. Do not look back and wish to remember. It is ok to forget. You had to grow to be smart, before you could grow strong enough to withstand the sight of your own beauty. Do not use your talents unwisely; do not do things you know you will later regret. ”
‘So I just go on and live a life as Kay T Jewels? How do I know when is the right time? How will I know who is the right one, and how will I know what to do?’
“Look with your eyes open wide but not looking for anything in particular and you will see everything. Stop hiding in the looking glass and live your life as you wish it to be and all will be as it should. Listen to hear what they are really saying but never forget to speak as well. The best time is now, the best person is who you are with now, and best thing to do is what you are already doing now. Go be with the one you love most.”
I left the mirror on my bed, walked down the stairs and grabbed my little angel into a great big hug. I kissed her little head and then I said “Everything is just right now, the best person to be with is the one I’m with now, and the best thing to do is whatever you are doing right now…”
She smiled and said “Really….I’m playing tea party with my dolls. Do you want a cup of tea?”
As I pulled up a tiny seat to sit at, I said to her very seriously “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you, I have been waiting all my life for a cup of tea with an angel like you, would you?”
She giggled, she laughed and from behind her cup she said.” No we just had tea a few minutes ago, before you went into your bedroom silly.”