Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Final Lesson Before my Last Life

When I feel confused on which route to take, I always turn to her in the mirror.
So now with my eyes open wide, I look to my mirror for the new door in which I am about to enter and say
“Mirror, mirror on my hand I seek your guidance. I feel lost, and I do not know which path to take. Tell me mirror what is my fate?”

She appears in the mirror and says ‘Tell me, Kay, what guidance and knowledge it is you seek from me today.’

“Mirror, Mirror in my hand, show me my new path in the sand. I command you mirror before the new tide show me all that you hide. Show me the new door, the one you can no longer hide. With the new wind, I expect you to bring, a place that is safe, a place that I’m needed, a place where I can sing. Sail this ship through the storm and safely to port in a faraway land, where there will be others who need my helping hand.”

“Now with these words, I have spoken to you from deep within me, I will rest my worries in your reflection staring back at me from my mirror. I will let you lead me where I need be. I shall not worry that it will not happen as expected; I have faith in my mirror to do with me what you will, including finding me new spiritual work, a place I am respected. Her plan is not known to me, only it is known to me, that for me her plan is best.”

From  within my reflection, she begins to speak her knowledge from the other side,

‘So often when a chapter in our lives ends we spend so much time grieving for the last chapter, we fail to see the new that is just beginning.  You won’t make this mistake as you have seen so many falls to this painful oversight.’

‘At times life feels like a test. However it’s more like the stream of learning and experiences. These experiences feed our growth and development. In this reality. We will continuously fall into the same traps until we learn how to recognize them, accept them for what they are and thus successfully avoid falling into them again. It is our private belief that, If we do not learn the lesson in this life, we are doomed to live it again in our next life. Even for eternity if that’s how long it takes.’
I say to her,

“In this lifetime I have learned much more than I ever expected, I feel I am close to transcendence. Each lifetime I grow, I grow closer to the angels in your world and find myself further and further away from the people in this world. Each lifetime I find myself more and more misunderstood by my peers, thus falling deeper into my higher thoughts and beliefs. “

She speaks softly to me, almost in a whisper from behind the glass,
‘I have been told this we have but one more lifetime to live after this one. If we wish to move on to the next realm, you must understand all things that happen here are meant to prepare us for there.’

“So that is my lesson this lifetime, and here I am learning to accept it.”