Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Behind the Mask

“All my life I have had to wear masks, a mask to fit in, a mask to hide the pain, and a mask to be loved. Well no more! This is my unveiling; watch closely as it may just send you railing. Underneath is so much more beautiful than the surface you find so appealing. Deep inside there is love that is burning, a desire to be free that is so great it leaves me yearning.”

“So today I shall show you all, who I can be, Who is me!”

“I am the girl that has remained hidden, to only but a few. When I show my true self, people fall in love, believe it they do. They do not fall in love with me; they fall in love with my person For I’m true and sweet, my love is unconditional, it is forever at your feet.” 

“Once my love is yours, it is yours to do with what you like. My love respects, it obeys, it listens as well as it hears, and it laughs as frequently as it tears. It’s built on a foundation of trust and like titanium it never rusts. You cannot break it, nor ever lose it, for it is something that never leaves you once you take it as yours”
“It will carry you when you are weak and catch you when you fall. When my love touches you, you know it; you will feel it and you will see it. It can knock you over, help you up, nail you to a cross or set you free. My smile is true and if I have given it to you, it is sure to change you.”

“When my masks fall away, you can see that behind them stands 

a woman of caliber”

“When no one would stand for me, I stood alone! Against an army of foes with Hell only inches from my toes,.  I did not cower. I have dangled off the roof top, and climbed back up”

“I am the woman, who has seen your worst and loved you anyhow. I am the woman, who has held you while you cried and stood behind you while you tried. I have held your hand and heart in mine for as long as time.”

“My masks I have broken, and with these words I have spoken. I hope that you will see me now, for who I am. Not for whom I have had to be, for she is different than me”

“I have reviled myself now that I’m safe to be free; I’m safe to be me. If you love me, then you will just accept me. Accept that today I come to you as me, not a reflection of what I used to be.”
“Take my love, know it’s complicated but, believe it is real.  Please, take the woman behind the veil”