Sunday, February 17, 2013

Where you'll find me

Turning around, she walked over to the window and opened it. Leaning out, she peered down at the moat below; from here it appeared not to be moving. The stillness of the water’s surface belied the true danger that lurked below. From this view, the wall that surrounded the keep looked small, despite its true towering size. Just past the wall, an endless maze that stretches as far as her eyes could see. From this view, life was splendid; the world was quiet and unmoving. Screaming out the window, into the vast empty space between here and there, her words echoed through the air, “Here I can be me; here I am safe to be free, as here it is only me.” Staring at the horizon, past the wall that surrounds her keep, over the maze that stretches to the desert, she can almost see you.
As you approached the beginning of the maze, she calls out to you, “If you managed to traverse the ocean, cross the desert, and found the gate to my endless maze; would you still continue? For if you do, you are sure to get lost along the way. My maze is alarmingly deceitful; it can be hard to say which way to go. My maze is mind-bendingly complicated; it’s even harder to know which way is right and when to say no. Walls so high in every direction; can you not see, there is no way you will ever find me?  The entire maze is filled with walls, they all look the same, each corner looks like the one before last. Each new door looks like the one you just passed. Do you think that you would make the whole journey though? Do you think you could last? Would you do this just for me, or is this all for you?”
When you approached the wall that lies at the end of the maze, she called to you again, “If you did find your way to my Manor, my heavenly keep; do you think that you could ever climb a wall that steep? If you had to climb my towering wall, I know for sure that you would fall. My wall that stands 1000 feet tall is as sleek as polished stone. This wall is now all that stands between you and the s     now call home, Do you dare even try, not knowing what truly lies beyond, on the other side?  Is this the point where you would lose heart, turning back to home? Would you stay and take a stand, or would you try to challenge me for a throne, in my magical land?
When you had crossed the wall and had found the bridge that crossed the moat, she called to you again, “If you managed to find yourself, on the other side, walking to the bridge, just down the way; do you think from your path, you would ever stray? My Keep is just as complicated as my maze to navigate with any certainty, of this you can be sure. If you made it thus far, you have not been killed, maimed or scared; count yourself as blessed, and stop to catch your breath. This is the largest of all your tests; can you make this one like you made the rest?”
.As you took your first step onto the bridge, she called to you again. “When you walk over the bridge and into the gate that is just past my moat; it is a chance you must take, that boards below you don’t just break. You may be surprised to see that the door, I have left opened for thee. The entrance is grand for sure, you shall see. The sight takes the breath from within you, leaving you feeling unsure you can ever continue. The winding staircase before you leads to the tower, in which I hide from you. When you look up, to see how far you must climb just to see me, you may become disheartened. The stairway ascends to what seems like an impossible height. To get to the top will takes days, surely many nights. With each agonizing step you take your legs will begin to ache. Can you take the pain and wait? Do you think this is a mission you should even try to take?”
From inside the keep, you could clearly hear her direction, as she calls down to you from the tallest tower in the keep. As you approached the top of the stairs her words echoed, in the halls, “If you should get thus far, you haven’t been tempted to stop, nor blinded by the light of temptation, or given up the faith in seeing the light. When you stand before my door, you will look and see; even if you do find me, you cannot take me by force or even see me, if that is my choice.  My door only opens from the inside out; it is designed to keep me in and you out. Would you knock and ask me your heart's deepest desire, or of this chase would you tire? Over the vast ocean, across the driest desert, thru a deceitful maze, over a sky scraping wall, across my still moat, up and endless flight of stairs to find only a door that you cannot breach, a woman you may never reach. Unless I let you thru, unless I want to see you, you cannot continue. If you came all this way and I refused to see you; tell me what would you do, what might you say?”
As you stood before the last door you could hear her voice loudly, as she called out to you. “If you did knock at my door, what tale would you tell, what story you would sell, to make me open the door and let you into thy mansion in the sky? How would you convince me that I am safe with you? What words would you use to assure me that you are true? Would you choose them with care? Would you challenge me with a dare? Truly, how would you complete this last task, would you scream and kick the door down with a blast? Would you beg and plead, just turn around and leave, or maybe even completely forever forsake thee? I just need to know, would you still stay or would you go?”
The silence was deafening when she was not speaking, but you did not say a word. She continued to speak through the door, “If I let you pass this way, you will never want to leave. This palace is blessed with white magic; it is pure, divine, and utterly sublime. With no anger, no malice and no hate this tower is a place that only angels wait. It is a one-way gate, to a life where there is no pain, sadness and hate. Could you give up all those long held notions of revenge and commotion? Would you trade all those unhappy days for a new life, with new ways?  Can you find a way to let go of all that grief, and finally seek some everlasting peace?”
From where you stand, you could see the breaks in light at the bottom of the door; showing you where she now stands. You could hear her breathing just beyond on the other side, as she calls to you again, “If you were to come inside, to look and see with me; do you wonder what you might observe. If you can imagine, the view from here is an amazing sight for sure. You can see for ten thousand miles, maybe even more, straight across the desert, to the ocean’s shore. The miles between here and there are filled only with blue skies and crystal clear air. There are days when the clouds are spectacularly white, and just as many nights when the stars are the only light. Could you take such a simple life? Would you want a life that offers you much more than pain and strife? Do you dream of a simple, uncomplicated life? Can you find a way to leave behind the shattered dreams of yesterday and replace them with new happy dreams of the morrow? “
Remaining silent on this side of the one way door, you sit patiently and wait. It isn’t long before she begins speaking her words again, “If you were to cross this threshold, to look from up here, at the world down there; it is sure to change you. The first of many beautiful things you would see is the wall that was so large to thee. My polished stone wall, that one you did crawl; from up here it looks only tiny and small. Wrapping its way around my heavenly mansion, it does the job of keeping us safe from any enemies who dare try to invade our lands.  Would you choose a life under its protection? Tucked away in my tower, behind my stone wall, you would be safe from that all. Can you imagine a life that is not filled with the troubles and pains of war? Could you part with all that madness, leaving behind all your sorrows and sadness?”
“If you were to choose a simple life of love and protection, in my tower, behind my wall, looking down at the land beyond; by far the most breathtaking sight to see, would have to be my maze of trickery. From here the view shows, miles and miles of bending, turning, twisting halls, together they give the illusion of solid walls. A mystery, a puzzle, can be difficult to solve while in the mists of the uncertainty of it all.  The true trickery of my walls, which appear to be so rigid, is with barely a touch each wall will instantaneously and forever dissolve. For those unwilling to try what they do not know, into my maze they do not go. Only the brazen, courageous and true, such as you, dare to venture the whole way thru. Behind my maze and beyond my wall, is the safest place of all. Do you truly seek, even just a little peek, at what I say is on the other side?  Beyond the door, between here and there is the place of which I speak; is this the place you truly seek? Could you learn to give your heart freely, give forgiveness upon request, and give to every day whatever your best may be? If this was all I asked of thee, and only a portion of what I offered thee, would you still seek this life with me?’
“If you really do seek simplicity, you truly do ardently desire a life where you are warmed by an eternal fire of a love that will never tire; behind my door is where you need to be. The view from here is simple in its most complicated form. Looking from my window, past my wall, beyond the maze, and into the desert, you can see. From my tower high up in the sky, the desert doesn’t even appear to be even a little bit dry.  The hot desert sands glimmer and shine in the distance, shimmering mirages cover the dry desert lands. Smart travelers such as you, avoid the temptation to stop or change course in search of the many false oases that riddle the desert lands. From up here, even the most brutally, dry and unforgiving places can be beautiful beyond mere words or brief descriptions. Knowing this, can you afford the cost of a change in perspective and create a new perception? After walking those desserts thru, can you even imagine that standing here and not there, you can change everything you believe about the desert to be true? Can your mind even fathom the thought of what it might be like, to see life through this view?’
“If you were able to see, that life here in the tower is actually the most beautiful and wondrous place to be, I would let you in with me. Looking out the window to the sea, from the tower hidden in the skies; you could truly live a life with no more lies; you could see life through these new eyes. We all know the dangers that lurk within the uncharted waters of the sea. The shore that is lined with jagged rocks and hidden sandbars; from this view, can appear to be a tiny blue line against the darkened horizon that sparkles, in the light of night stars.  In the tower, living in reality means; living a life accepting that even the ugly has some beautiful sides. It means knowing that where you stand in life, radically changes how you view what it is you see in life. Can you still tell me, you have seen everything there is to see, that there is nothing left I can show thee? Can you ponder a life where all these realities are real and exist just over the yonder?’
“If you ever have stopped just to wonder what life could be like if life were only perfect, then in my tower is where you need to be. In my tower, you wake every day to the most incredible, exotic and brilliant sights ever imagined possible. The view from here is ever changing, even though what you’re viewing may never change at all. Your perspective on life can be forever altered, with only one look at what I have to offer. If I offered you all this, if I answered your every wish, if I gave to you this utter bliss; would you give to thee more than just one kiss? Would you give up on all you assume to be true, if I could hand this type of life to you?”