Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Girl In the Meadow

Standing there watching her cry, wanting to reach out to her and ask her “Why?” Knowing I can do nothing but wait for it to subside. My head surged with pain as I looked in at her, so sad on the other side, on the inside. Looking to the mirror in my hand…
The finest laced brass wraps the edge of my looking glass, into the reflection I stare, hopelessly looking in there; I call out to her in whisper.

“Child, have I taught you not? Haven’t we been here before? Come to the mirror, ask me the questions in your heart and cry no more.”

She looks up and out at me then sobs sadly ‘Where have you been? I thought you left me alone again?’
”Never are you alone ever again, remember we are to be together until the very end.”

Staring up into my eyes she says ‘I do not remember tell me once more, how I came to be inside the mirror? This time I shall never forget ever again..

“K you were born into this world to serve a great purpose, a long time ago you cast a spell. A young caster in the middle of the wood, you carried your mothers mirror out to brook, with you that night you took two candles, one black and one white. In K’s meadow during the middle of night, you began to sing a beautifully sad song, then the candles you did light. Your words made from magic, you did not yet understand, reached the angels and they put you in the mirror where you now stand.” 

Looking down into the mirror from aside the bubbling brook, her tear hit the glass and slid to the brass rim. ‘Will I ever return to the see the other side, or am I destined to always be on the inside?’'

She smiles softly and says,

“It is you who cast the spell that protects you; it was you who wished to hide from all the ones who neglect you. It was you who wished to forget you, when all you had to do was accept you.”

Her face appeared streaked behind the looking glass; her eyes were green blue like the
ocean as she stared up at me and said ‘Who is me K now? Am I Krissy? Am I Kristen? How am I to decide without knowing?’

“Must it always be one or the other, can you not be all three of them? Either way you must decide when it time for you to come from within, to be one on the other side. I shall give you this key, it will last you until eternity. This key will be the way you can always find me. When you’re ready to be one and decide whom you will be, place the key around your neck, look into the mirror and say “Mirror, Mirror in my hand I have chosen where I stand.”

“With that I leave you child until next time” the girl in the mirror faded into my own reflection and I examined the key. It hung from a titanium chain, was made of white gold, it was jeweled with black and white diamonds. I put the necklace around my neck and said” Mirror Mirror in my hand, I have chosen where I stand”

Suddenly there I stood in my own kitchen I was no longer in my reflection, my daughter on the couch as if none of it had ever happened. I walked up to my bedroom and looked around the calendar read May 26, 2010.  I was kind of a little bit scared at what might find. Everything looked so pretty a very nice house, not a sign of anyone other than Angelina and me. Then there in the mirror on the wall reflected back at me- Kristen Krissy and K.