Monday, February 18, 2013

The Wisdom of the Angel in My Mirror..

Days pass and I return to her in the mirror. I pick up the mirror fingering the brass lace on the edge of the glass. I gaze into her and say,

Mirror, mirror in my hand give me the guidance to understand. Today my question is to you, What does make an Angel so strong and never ever weak?”

She sighs softly as her eyes take on a faraway look,

‘The world doesn’t spin on its own. You know it also has forces at work that are unseen and unknown. These forces move us thru the galaxy always on course with our fate. This is also true about us as well; we are but a small part of a large system at work in the world.’

‘They say, all things happen for a reason.  I know you know this is so, as you have managed to retain all things we have learned despite your faulty memory system.  You have not forgotten the lessons of our elders nor the ones from your forgotten past. You see the world thru tear stained eyes, you know that even in our deepest sorrow there will be a valuable piece of the puzzle.   If, we are wise enough to look for knowledge within our pains, only then we can easily see these pitfalls in the future and successfully avoid repeating them again. Some of the deepest lessons you have learned about the people in the world, are the very things that make our angels.’

She paused and thought a minute and then continued,
‘Powerful people are people who have learned the art of patience and the folly in a false sense of urgency despite the speedy pace of the world. Wonderful people are people who have learned the art of withholding judgments, yet still possess an ability to view things objectively. Beautiful people are people who have learned to see, the most beautiful things in life are free and cannot be held, only appreciated when received.’

‘Deep people are people who value and understand silence as well as they understand and value the power of the word. Strong people are people who can withstand the force of temptation to give in to their worst thoughts about themselves, and yet can still acknowledge these parts exist. Intelligent people are people who can articulate and actualize their deepest thoughts and imaginations into existence. Wise people are just persons who have learned the value in sharing the knowledge they have learned with others.’

‘Rich people are people who learned that money can’t buy the things that make them happiest. Honest people are not always people who always tell everything they know, they are people who tell it as they honestly know it to be true, when asked. Humble people are people who never acknowledge the part they play however never fail to play their part to the best of their ability.’

‘Possibly the best lesson we have learned about  the people in “this large world” is that all the other people that do not fit into one of the above mentioned categories are but young learners. They are not evil, just because they are jealous or deceitful. Nor are they bad because they are vain or materialistic. Just as they are not stupid simply because they have not learned some of the hardest lessons there is to learn in this life.’

‘They are just spiritual beings, just as us. They also are just playing out the lessons “The Creator” has set before us humans to learn before we can ascend to the heavens. They too must find their way thru their individual path to become a great spiritual teacher in the sky. They too must live and learn to be a human before their spirit will die to become an angel and learn fly.

Looking deep now almost past the mirrors reflection, I say to her: “So thru human trails and tribulation come forth the angels you so often speak about “

Then she says in a fading voice,

‘No a human, that learns to see their way thru all the many trials and tribulations of humanity without losing their spirit or selling their soul to escape it, they are our angels. This is all I may tell you now about our path to the next realm. At this time you must find a way to do as I say, as it is the only way. Always remember that path that leads to the next realm doesn’t look as though it is paved, smooth with gold most often it looks dark, untraveled and lonely.’

 Just as fast as she appeared she disappeared and I was alone again with my mirror in hand.

I say to the world.. “Did you hear what she just said or am I the only one who can understand her meaning?”